Silicon solutions for RF front-end applications

Silicon solutions for RF front-end applications,10.1109/SIRF.2011.5719348,Alvin Joseph,Peter Gammel,Peter Rabbeni,Randy Wolf,Jim Dunn

Silicon solutions for RF front-end applications   (Citations: 1)
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The 4 th generation wireless standard is ushering an era of ubiquitous connectivity. The convergence of data and voice to a portable media device is producing an explosive demand for high data rate communication. Such convergence requirements along with the need for improved battery life, smaller form factor, and reduced cost will demand new ways of system integration. The RF front-end-modules (FEM) that incorporates Power Amplifiers (PAs), Switches, power controller, and passives is one of the segment that is seeing major advancements. Silicon solutions are starting to penetrate into this GaAs stronghold. We discuss the potential for silicon-based technology in providing capability for FEM integration.
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    • ...RF front-end modules are a key part of mobile devices such as smart phones, connecting the antenna to the first intermediate frequency stage [1]...
    • ...However, to reduce cost and size, it is desirable to use silicon technology to reduce the number of chips in the front-end module [1]...
    • ...Some examples of silicon technology in use in RF front-end modules are SiGe BiCMOS, RF CMOS, and SOI CMOS [1-4]...
    • ...For the silicon [1,0,0] surface, symmetry simplifies the silicon elastic tensor and Raman secular equation so the Raman shift result is just the sum of terms proportional to the silicon stress components parallel to the silicon surface, Sx and Sy, the vertical stress component Sz and a term proportional to the shear stress Sxy, with weights 9.71 cm...

    J. P. Gambinoet al. Interconnect processes and reliability for RF technology

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