Self-Consistent Analysis of Cylindrical Plasma Antennas

Self-Consistent Analysis of Cylindrical Plasma Antennas,10.1109/TAP.2011.2122292,IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,Paola Russo,Graziano Ce

Self-Consistent Analysis of Cylindrical Plasma Antennas  
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Plasma can be used to create antennas: its conduc- tivity is given by free electrons resulting from gas ionization. This process is obtained with the application of an intense electromag- netic field to a glass tube filled with a low pressure gas. The pump signal needed for ionization and gas discharge parameters have to becarefullychoseninordertooptimizeplasmaantennadesignand realization; in particular discharge working conditions have to be defined to obtain the desired antenna properties in terms of effi- ciency and effective length. For this purpose a self-consistent nu- merical model of a surface wave driven plasma column has been developed. This tool helps to understand the physical aspects in- volved in the problem and allows a parametric investigation to be carried out. Index Terms—Antenna, FDTD, plasma, surface waves.
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