Stochastic Multiple Stream Decoding of Cortex Codes

Stochastic Multiple Stream Decoding of Cortex Codes,10.1109/TSP.2011.2138699,IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing,Matthieu Arzel,Cyril Lahuec,Christ

Stochastic Multiple Stream Decoding of Cortex Codes   (Citations: 1)
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Being one of the most efficient solutions to implement forward error correction (FEC) decoders based on belief propagation, stochastic processing is thus a method worthy of consideration when addressing the decoding of emerging codes such as Cortex codes. This code family offers short block codes with large Hamming distances. Unfortunately, their con- struction introduces many hidden variables making them difficult to be ef- ficiently decoded with digital circuits implementing the Sum-Product algo- rithm. With the introduction of multiple stochastic streams, the proposed solutionalleviatesthehiddenvariablesproblemthusyieldingdecodingper- formances close to optimal. Morevover, this new stochastic architecture is more efficient in terms of complexity-throughput ratio compared to re- cently published stochastic decoders using either edge or tracking forecast memories.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing - TSP , vol. 59, no. 7, pp. 3486-3491, 2011
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