Demonstration of Distributed Etched Diffraction Grating Demultiplexer

Demonstration of Distributed Etched Diffraction Grating Demultiplexer,10.1109/JPHOT.2011.2159582,IEEE Photonics Journal,Amir Jafari,Andrew G. Kirk

Demonstration of Distributed Etched Diffraction Grating Demultiplexer   (Citations: 1)
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The design principles and measurement results for a compact shallow etched distributed diffraction grating waveguide demultiplexer are presented. The deeply etched diffraction grating facets are replaced with a shallow etched odd-order quarter wavelength Bragg reflector to increase the Fresnel reflection coefficient. A prototype device was de- signed for coarse wavelength demultiplexing applications and was fabricated in nanopho- tonic silicon-on-insulator platform using deep ultraviolet (DUV) optical lithography. The demultiplexer, which supports four channels with 20-nm channel spacing, shows a crosstalk of � 25 dB.
Journal: IEEE Photonics Journal , vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 651-657, 2011
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    • ...In [18], we have recently proposed an approach, referred to as the distributed etched diffraction grating (DEDG), in which the deeply EDG facets of a conventional EDG demultiplexer are replaced with shallow etched facets, followed by a shallowly etched DBR structure [see Fig. 1(a)]...
    • ...The proof-of-concept device, which is demonstrated in [18], exhibited a channel nonuniformity of � 3.5 dB. This channel nonuniformity is predominantly due to the nonuniform spectral response of the EDG profile...
    • ...For more details on the layout procedure, see [18]...
    • ...This results in a 3-dB bandwidth range of 43 nm. For a more detailed discussion regarding the relation between insertion loss of the DEDG and reflectance of the DBR structure, see [7] and [18]...

    Amir Jafariet al. Distributed Etched Diffraction Grating Demultiplexer With FlatTop Inse...

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