Effects of Interdisciplinary Education on Technology-Driven Application Design

Effects of Interdisciplinary Education on Technology-Driven Application Design,10.1109/TE.2010.2080359,IEEE Transactions on Education,Zhilbert Tafa,Go

Effects of Interdisciplinary Education on Technology-Driven Application Design  
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This paper describes the structure and the under- lying rationale of a new course dedicated to capability maturity model integration (CMMI)-directed design of wireless sensor networks (WSNs)-based biomedical applications that stresses: 1) engineering-, medico-engineering-, and informatics-related issues; 2) design for general- and special-purpose systems; and 3) the creation of synergistic effects that enable formation of entrepreneurial multidisciplinary teams able to organize and implement the development of these health-related pervasive computing applications. Formal education so far still focuses on treating only strictly separated and specialized topic areas. How- ever, as the need for cooperation and mutual learning between students oriented toward different fields grows, the need for a multidisciplinary educational approach becomes more and more important. For a technical education to be complete, it is no longer enough to train scientists and engineers solely in technical areas. In development and implementation of technology-driven appli- cations, multidisciplinary issues should be properly addressed in the academic sense. The interdisciplinary understanding and synergy achieved are tested through examinations and workshops. The transdisciplinary knowledge improvement is also statistically evaluated, using a system of metrics developed experimentally. Index Terms—Capability maturity model integration (CMMI), education, engineering, healthcare, informatics, interdiscipli- nary, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, wireless sensor net- works (WSNs).
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Education - IEEE TRANS EDUC , vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 462-470, 2011
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