Two-Stage Taper Enhanced UltraHigh $Q$ As $_{2}$S $_{3}$ Ring Resonator on LiNbO$_{3}$

Two-Stage Taper Enhanced UltraHigh $Q$ As $_{2}$S $_{3}$ Ring Resonator on LiNbO$_{3}$,10.1109/LPT.2011.2158414,IEEE Photonics Technology Letters,Yife

Two-Stage Taper Enhanced UltraHigh $Q$ As $_{2}$S $_{3}$ Ring Resonator on LiNbO$_{3}$   (Citations: 1)
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A hybrid optics platform consisting of LiNbO waveguides vertically coupled to high-index-contrast As S waveguides can provide tight bend radii for ring resonators and strong tuning capability via electrical-optic effects in LiNbO substrate. A vertically integrated As S ring resonator having an ultranarrow free spectral range (FSR) of 0.0579 nm and side-cou- pled to a low-index Ti-diffused:LiNbO straight waveguide was designed and fabricated. Using improved design and fabrication processes, a low 1.2-dB/cm propagation loss in the ring with over 30 dB of extinction ratio was demonstrated on a fabricated 1.7-cm-long path ring resonator with a 400- m radius, which corresponds to a calculated intrinsic quality factor- as high as . To our knowledge, this is the highest factor reported for chalcogenide ring resonator planar waveguide devices.
Journal: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters - IEEE PHOTONIC TECHNOL LETT , vol. 23, no. 17, pp. 1195-1197, 2011
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    • ...Furthermore, the patterned As2S3 waveguide enables vertically integrated structures, which combines the As2S3 waveguide above the substrate surface and the Er:Ti:LiNbO3 waveguide below the surface, such as Mach–Zehnder interferometers (MZIs) and rings [7], [8]...
    • ...Recent research has shown that As2S3 rings can be coupled with Ti:LiNbO3 waveguides to implement filtering functions by top coupling [7] and side coupling [8]...
    • ...Since the rings are designed to operate with TM polarization [7], [8], [10], we mainly focus on investigating TM polarization through simulations and experiments for our As2S3-assisted Er:Ti:LiNbO3 structure while the TE polarization simulation is also performed...

    X. Songet al. Gain Improvement of $\hbox{Er-Ti:LiNbO}_{3}$ Waveguide Amplifier by an...

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