Recent Advances in Translational Work on Implantable Sensors

Recent Advances in Translational Work on Implantable Sensors,10.1109/JSEN.2011.2166995,IEEE Sensors Journal,Robert D. Black

Recent Advances in Translational Work on Implantable Sensors  
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This review evaluates example technologies from the point-of-view of likely translation into human use, including regu- latory clearance, insertion into common medical practice and re- imbursability. The intent is to highlight recent innovations in im- plantable sensors with a focus on the translational process itself in a holistic fashion. As well as looking at success stories, this re- view will also examine several seemingly promising technologies that have failed for reasons having nothing to do with the opera- tional aspects of the sensors and systems involved. Innovationmust be viewed as a multifaceted process, all segments of which must be fullyaddressedtoachievesuccess.Nopartytotheprocesscanwork in isolation and expect to achieve the end goal of providing new advances to patients. This review will have succeeded if it provides the reader with a better appreciation of the complex environment in which implantable sensor discoveries that seek to be translated into human medicine must navigate.
Journal: IEEE Sensors Journal - IEEE SENS J , vol. 11, no. 12, pp. 3171-3182, 2011
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