Transport Properties of CdTe X/ $\gamma$Ray Detectors With $p$-$n$ Junction

Transport Properties of CdTe X/ $\gamma$Ray Detectors With $p$-$n$ Junction,10.1109/TNS.2010.2090173,IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science,T. Aoki,V. A

Transport Properties of CdTe X/ $\gamma$Ray Detectors With $p$-$n$ Junction   (Citations: 2)
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Charge transport mechanism in X- and -ray detec- tors based on CdTe diodes with a - junction is studied. Shallow - junctions were formed in semi-insulating -like CdTe crystals by laser-induced doping of a thin semiconductor layer with In atoms and, finally, In/CdTe/Au diode structures were fabricated. The energy diagram was developed to explain the reverse I-V char- acteristics of the diodes particularly increased leakage current. It was shown that the I-V characteristics at low bias voltages were described by the Sah-Noyce-Shockley theory. At higher voltages, an additional increase in leakage current was observed and it was attributed to injection of minority carriers (electrons) from the forward-biased Au/CdTe Schottky contact to the reverse-biased - junction (near the In/CdTe contact) through the CdTe crystal. Spectral properties of In/CdTe/Au diode detectors have also been analyzed.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science - IEEE TRANS NUCL SCI , vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 354-358, 2011
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