Planar Nearly Ideal Edge-Termination Technique for GaN Devices

Planar Nearly Ideal Edge-Termination Technique for GaN Devices,10.1109/LED.2010.2095825,IEEE Electron Device Letters,A. Merve Ozbek,B. Jayant Baliga

Planar Nearly Ideal Edge-Termination Technique for GaN Devices   (Citations: 1)
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In this letter, a simple edge termination is described which can be used to achieve nearly ideal parallel-plane break- down voltage for GaN devices. This technique involves implanting a neutral species on the edges of devices to form a high-resistive amorphous layer. With this termination, formed by using argon implantation, the breakdown voltage of GaN Schottky barrier diodes was increased from 300 V for unterminated diodes to 1650 V after termination.
Journal: IEEE Electron Device Letters - IEEE ELECTRON DEV LETT , vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 300-302, 2011
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    • ...We have proposed and experimentally demonstrated a planar edge termination technique with which nearly ideal plane parallel breakdown voltages can be achieved for GaN Schottky barrier diodes with an unmasked argon implant [9]...
    • ...respectively. The implant dose and energy were based upon the results obtained from the previously reported work [9]...
    • ...Forward conduction behavior of GaN Schottky barrier diodes was performed and found to be the same before and after the argon-implanted termination, indicating that the implant had no effect on the ON-state characteristics of the diode as reported in our previous work [9]...
    • ...This value of the critical electric field for breakdown for GaN grown on sapphire substrates is in very close agreement with a critical electric field of 3.75 MV/cm found in our previous work for GaN grown on GaN substrates [9]...

    A. Merve Ozbeket al. Finite-Zone Argon Implant Edge Termination for High-Voltage GaN Schott...

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