Spam Detection Methodsfor ArabicWeb Pages

Spam Detection Methodsfor ArabicWeb Pages,Heider A. Wahsheh,Mohammed N. Al-Kabi,Izzat M. Alsmadi

Spam Detection Methodsfor ArabicWeb Pages  
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1% of the total Internet content and total Wikipedia content s.The1% percentage is lower than the5% percentage of the ME region. The Arabs contribution to blogs and forums is 35%,where this percentage exceeds the normal known percentage(10%)worldwide by more than three folds ( 3). It is known thats continuous improvements to the contents of differentWeb pages lead to make search engines continuously improve the rank of these Web pages, and that means gaining more visitors. In many cases the increase in the number of visitors t o aWeb page/site leads to gain more money. Therefore some ofWeb site owners attempt to use spam techniques to deceive search engines, which
Published in 2012.
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