Dust reference frame in quantum cosmology

Dust reference frame in quantum cosmology,10.1088/0264-9381/28/22/225014,Classical and Quantum Gravity,Viqar Husain,Tomasz Pawlowski

Dust reference frame in quantum cosmology  
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give a formulation of quantum cosmology with pressureless dust and arbitrary additional matter fields. The system has the property that its Hamiltonian constraint is linear in the dust momentum. This feature provides a natural time gauge, leading to a physical Hamiltonian that is not a square root. Quantization leads to a Schrodinger equation for which unitary evolution is directly linked to geodesic completeness. Our approach simplifies the analysis of both Wheeler-deWitt and loop quantum cosmology (LQC) models and significantly broadens the applicability of the latter. This is demonstrated for arbitrary scalar field potential and cosmological constant in LQC.
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