Study of the flow induced by a sliding discharge

Study of the flow induced by a sliding discharge,10.1109/TDEI.2009.4815157,IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation,R. Sosa,E. Arnau

Study of the flow induced by a sliding discharge   (Citations: 4)
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In this work, we report on electrical and fluid-dynamics studies concerning the flow induced by a sliding discharge (SD). This kind of discharge was created with a three electrode system configuration: one excited with AC and the others with a DC negative voltage. The SD was activated on a quiescent fluid at atmospheric pressure. The flow field induced by the SD was analysed by measurements undertaken with Pitot probes and Schlieren Image Velocimetry. Under the conditions of our experiments two "jet flows", that blown towards the interelectrode space, were induced from the air exposed electrodes. As a consequence of the mutual interaction of these two flows and of the magnitude of each flow, a resulting plume like planar jet of adjustable direction (0-180deg) could be formed. A robust control of the axis direction of the plume could be achieved by modifying the AC voltage value.
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