Thalamic Burst Mode and Inattention in the Awake LGNd

Thalamic Burst Mode and Inattention in the Awake LGNd,10.1016/j.neuron.2006.01.010,Neuron,Tatiana Bezdudnaya,Monica Cano,Yulia Bereshpolova,Carl R. St

Thalamic Burst Mode and Inattention in the Awake LGNd   (Citations: 26)
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Summary Awake mammals are often inattentive in familiar envi- ronments, but must still respond appropriately to rele- vant visual stimulation. Such ''inattentive vision'' has received little study, perhaps due to difficulties in con- trolling eye position in this state. In rabbits, eye posi- tion is exceedingly stable in both alert and inattentive states. Here, we exploit this stability to examine tem- poral filtering of visual information in LGNd neurons as rabbits alternate between EEG-defined states. Within a single second of shifting from alert to an inat- tentive state, both peak temporal frequency and band- width were sharply reduced, and burst frequency in- creased dramatically. However, spatial dimensions of receptive field centers showed no significant state de- pendence. We conclude that extremely rapid and sig- nificant changes in temporal filtering and bursting occur in the LGNd as awake subjects shift between alert and inattentive states.
Journal: Neuron , vol. 49, no. 3, pp. 421-432, 2006
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