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Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving: Open Issues

Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving: Open Issues,Nina Tahmasebi,Tereza Iofciu,Thomas Risse,Claudia Niederee,Wolf Siberski

Terminology Evolution in Web Archiving: Open Issues   (Citations: 6)
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The correspondence between the terminology used for query- ing and the one used in content objects to be retrieved, is a crucial prerequisite for effective retrieval technology. How- ever, as terminology is evolving over time, a growing gap opens up between older documents in (long-term) archives and the active language used for querying such archives. Thus, technologies for detecting and systematically handling terminology evolution are required to ensure "semantic" ac- cessibility of (Web) archive content on the long run. As a starting point for dealing with terminology evolution this paper formalizes the problem and discusses issues, first ideas and relevant technologies.
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