Structured ASIC, evolution or revolution?

Structured ASIC, evolution or revolution?,10.1145/981066.981088,Kun-Cheng Wu,Yu-Wen Tsai

Structured ASIC, evolution or revolution?   (Citations: 28)
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This paper describes the structured ASIC technology and impacts to the implementation flow. With an optimized and programmable structure, the structured ASIC technology indeed introduces a dramatically reduce ASIC cost and manufacturing turn-around time. While, the structured ASIC implementation flow is more complex than the conventional cell-based flow. There would be slightly impacts to structured ASIC implementation problems. Finally, the structured ASIC solutions provided by Faraday would be given. There are 3 structured ASIC solutions for customers' different applications. The three solutions are MPCA (Metal programmable Cell Array), MPIO (Metal Programmable I/O), and the structured ASIC platform. With the most competitive architecture, our customers can implement their ASIC at a lower cost with a faster turn-around-time.
Conference: International Symposium on Physical Design - ISPD , pp. 103-106, 2004
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