Coherence control for qubits

Coherence control for qubits,10.1016/j.chemphys.2003.09.015,Chemical Physics,Karen M. Fonseca-Romero,Sigmund Kohler,Peter Hänggi

Coherence control for qubits   (Citations: 4)
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We study the influence of an external driving field on the coherence properties of a qubit subject to bit-flip noise. In the presence of driving, two paradigmatic cases are considered: (i) a field that results for a suitable choice of the parameters in so-called coherent destruction of tunneling and (ii) one that commutes with the static qubit Hamiltonian. In each case, we give for high-frequency driving a lower bound for the coherence time. This reveals the conditions under which the external fields can be used for coherence stabilization.
Journal: Chemical Physics - CHEM PHYS , vol. 296, no. 2, pp. 307-314, 2004
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