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The Role of Consensus in Sales Team Performance

The Role of Consensus in Sales Team Performance,10.1509/jmkr.47.3.458,Journal of Marketing Research,Michael Ahearne,Scott B. MacKenzie,Philip M. Podsa

The Role of Consensus in Sales Team Performance   (Citations: 2)
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Journal: Journal of Marketing Research - J MARKET RES-CHICAGO , vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 458-469, 2010
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    • ...Indeed, as Ahearne et al. (2010b, p. 4) recently noted: “We do not know which of these insights [into salespeople as individuals] can be generalized to the sales team-level.” For instance, while our data informatively show that selling-related knowledge and cognitive aptitudes significantly drive salesperson performance, they should be interpreted with caution when applied to the aggregate analytical level of selling teams...

    Willem Verbekeet al. Drivers of sales performance: a contemporary meta-analysis. Have sales...

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