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Duplicate Detection and Audio Thumbnails with Audio Fingerprinting

Duplicate Detection and Audio Thumbnails with Audio Fingerprinting,Christopher J. C. Burges,Daniel Plastina,John C. Platt,Erin Renshaw,Henrique S. Mal

Duplicate Detection and Audio Thumbnails with Audio Fingerprinting   (Citations: 3)
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Audio fingerprinting is a powerful tool for identifying either streaming or file-based audio, using a database of fingerprints. This paper presents two new applications: duplicate detection, whose goal is to identify duplicate audio clips in a set, even if they differ in compression quality or duration, and thumbnail generation, which aims at providing a representative short clip of a music track. Each application is self-contained in that it does not require an external database of fingerprints. Thanks to the robustness of the fingerprinting engine, both applications perform well.
Published in 2004.
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    • ...AFP’s are mainly used to link unlabelled audio to metadata such as the song’s title or the singer’s name, other uses of AFP’s include duplicate detection in Multimedia Databases [1] and Monitoring Radio Broadcasts [2]...

    Antonio Camarena-ibarrolaet al. A Robust Entropy-Based Audio-Fingerprint

    • ...Content-based search inmusicdata, aswellasmusic information retrieval (MIR)[1-3], hasawidevariety ofapplications...
    • ...Audio identification [3]basedon pulse-code modulation (PCM)-audio (awaveform codedusingPCM) isfrequently-used inpractice...

    Xiao-Li Liet al. Audio Retrieval Based on Tolerance Rough Sets

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