Moore's Law: another casualty of the financial meltdown?

Moore's Law: another casualty of the financial meltdown?,10.1145/1629911.1629966,Jason Cong,N. S. Nagaraj,Ruchir Puri,William H. Joyner,Jeff Burns,Mos

Moore's Law: another casualty of the financial meltdown?   (Citations: 1)
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Given the exponential increase of fabrication costs, the global recession and credit crunch, one may ask if Moore's Law is financially viable beyond 22nm node. Can we justify the return-of-investment (ROI) for continuous scaling beyond 22nm? Shall we consider other alternatives for integration, such as silicon-in-a-package (SiP) or 3D integrations?
Conference: Design Automation Conference - DAC , pp. 202-203, 2009
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    • ...He treated the whole processing as this: accepting the incoming packages, preprocessing, scheduling, matching and transmitting [5] . Even if more parallel schemes are given, it lacks full analysis for the task complexity...
    • ...The traditional Moore’s law can not accurately reflect the speedup of the multi-core application program due to many complex factors including thread overhead, context switching [17][18] . One of proposed speedup function by Erlin...

    Bo Wanget al. Task Optimization Based on CPU Pipeline Technique in Multicore System

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