A Gestural Interface for Orchestral Conducting Education

A Gestural Interface for Orchestral Conducting Education,Lijuan Peng,David Gerhard

A Gestural Interface for Orchestral Conducting Education  
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Over the past few years, a number of computer-based orchestral conducting systems have been designed and implemented. However, only a few of them have been developed to help a user learn and practice musical conducting gestures. This paper is intended to address research related to this area. It utilizes an infrared baton and an acceleration sensor to track the standard conducting gestures. The infrared baton is similar to a conducting baton and has little influence on the conducting. A drill and practice instructional strategy has been applied in this gestural interface. Five options are implemented. Once an option is chosen, users must conduct according to the supported conducting gestures. While a student is conducting, his/her gestures are identified and followed by the system using an accurate and relatively simple process. The conducting is interpreted using a few visual items that clearly show a conducting gesture and reveal its quality. In addition, aural representation informs students of beats or errors when eyes are busy.
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