Sensorless Rapid On-line Evaluation for Slide Level

Sensorless Rapid On-line Evaluation for Slide Level,10.1109/CAR.2009.94,Yuqing Zhou,Xuesong Mei,Dong Liu,Gedong Jiang,Nuogang Sun

Sensorless Rapid On-line Evaluation for Slide Level  
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Slide level is one of the most important indexes of CNC machine tool performance. A novel kind of sensorless rapid on-line evaluation technology for machine tool slide level based on linear or rotary scale, motor encoder and AC servo motor current/output torque is proposed. To acquire the level information, the sensorless test principle is profoundly investigated, and the relationship mathematical model between the slide level and the sensorless data is established. Furthermore, according to the Stribeck effect, the various amplitude and velocity triangular wave test curve and a kind of precise nonlinear model identification method are suggested to get the key parameters such as static friction torque, coulomb friction torque, viscous coefficient and total moment of inertia. And then CNC slide level can be identified. The analyses results of the experiments show that it is simple, rapid, feasible and reliable for evaluating slide level.
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