Entity Relationship Stored Procedure


Entity Relationship Stored Procedure  
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ER-SP(Entity Relationship - Stored Procedures) model is proposed like an extension to ER (Entity Re- lationship) model for conceptual, syntactic and semantic modeling of RDBMS in idea to create a link between external to physical models. ER-SPL (Entity Relationship - Stored Procedures Language) is proposed to be in- dependent by RDBMS team players in idea to support their own SQL dialects. The model proposes a new entity type called Stored Procedures type and the language behind him in idea to be platform independent in relation with SQL dialects and their Procedural Languages. The concept of stored procedures type is abstract, helps in syntactic and semantic modeling, and is required in physical implementation. A stored procedures entity type along with his language captures the syntactic and semantics of an RDBMS schema in his dynamical evolution.
Published in 2006.
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