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Dilaceration: Review of an Endodontic Challenge

Dilaceration: Review of an Endodontic Challenge,Hamid Jafarzadeh,Paul V. Abbott

Dilaceration: Review of an Endodontic Challenge   (Citations: 3)
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Dilaceration is the result of a developmental anomaly in which there has been an abrupt change in the axial inclination between the crown and the root of a tooth, but the criteria in the literature for recognizing root dilaceration vary. Two possible causes of dilaceration are trauma and developmental disturbances, and it has also been proposed that it might be associated with some developmental syndromes. Dilaceration can be seen in both the permanent and deciduous dentitions, and it is more commonly found in posterior teeth and in the maxilla. Periapical radiographs are the most appropriate way to diagnose the presence of root di- lacerations. Diagnosis, endodontic access cavity prep- aration, root canal preparation and filling, and other related treatments might be complicated by the pres- ence of a dilaceration. A review of the literature and a discussion of the options for managing this condition are presented. (J Endod 2007;33:1025-1030)
Published in 2007.
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