Bycatches of common guillemot ( Uria aalge) in the Baltic Sea gillnet fishery

Bycatches of common guillemot ( Uria aalge) in the Baltic Sea gillnet fishery,10.1016/S0006-3207(01)00211-7,Biological Conservation,Henrik Österblom,T

Bycatches of common guillemot ( Uria aalge) in the Baltic Sea gillnet fishery   (Citations: 15)
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Bycatch of common guillemots (Uria aalge) appears to be the single most serious threat to the population, and the proportion of recoveries of ringed birds in fishing gear, compared with other finding circumstances, has significantly increased during a 28 year period (P<0.01). Out of 1952 ringed common guillemots reported found between 1972 and 1999 in the Baltic Sea, 980 (50.2%) were caught in fishing gear. The bycatch in set gillnets for cod (Gadus morhua) constituted 22.3%, drift gillnets for salmon (Salmo salar) 65.5%, and other fishing gear 12.2%. The proportion of recoveries in cod gillnets has significantly increased during the study period (P<0.05), while no clear trend was observed in the recoveries in salmon gillnets. The Swedish fishing effort follows a similar pattern for cod but has decreased for salmon. The observed increased use of cod gillnets in the Baltic Sea may have contributed to the observed decrease in adult survival rate, and we provide two different estimates suggesting that significant proportions of the guillemot population are caught annually in the Baltic Sea gillnet fishery. We suggest several available techniques to reduce bycatch in the Baltic Sea fishery.
Journal: Biological Conservation - BIOL CONSERV , vol. 105, no. 3, pp. 309-319, 2002
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    • ...Oiling, bycatches, and large-scale oceanographic and foodweb changes are commonly considered to be potential major threats to adult Common Guillemot survival (Takekawa et al . 1990, Vader et al . 1990, Piatt & Anderson 1996, Bakken & Falk 1998, Olsson et al . 1999, Österblom et al . 2002)...
    • ...Common Guillemot adult survival in the Baltic Sea is probably influenced by a number of interactive factors that may be important at different times of the year, in different years and in different geographical areas (this study, Olsson et al . 1999, 2000, Österblom et al . 2002)...

    Baltic Seaet al. Adult survival and avian cholera in Common Guillemots Uria aalge in th...

    • ...We will use data on survival in combination with ring recovery information (Österblom et al. 2002)...

    Henrik Österblom. Ecological effects of fishing - top-down and bottom up effects

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