Simplification Envelopes

Simplification Envelopes,10.1145/237170.237220,Jonathan D. Cohen,Amitabh Varshney,Dinesh Manocha,Greg Turk,Frederick Brooks,William V. Wright

Simplification Envelopes   (Citations: 401)
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We propose the idea of simplification envelopesfor generating a hierarchy of level-of-detail approximations for a given polygonal model. Our approach guarantees that all points of an approximation are within a user-specifiable distance from the original model and that all points of the original model are within a distance from the approximation. Simplification envelopes provide a general framework within which a large collection of existing simplification algorithms can run. We demonstrate this technique in conjunction with two algorithms, one local, the other global. The local algorithm provides a fast method for generating approximations to large input meshes (at least hundreds of thousands of triangles). The global algorithm provides the opportunity to avoid local “minima” and possibly achieve better simplifications as a result. Each approximation attempts to minimize the total number of polygons required to satisfy the above constraint. The key advantages of our approach are:
Conference: Annual Conference on Computer Graphics - SIGGRAPH , pp. 119-128, 1996
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