Ontology Module Metrics

Ontology Module Metrics,10.1109/ICEBE.2009.12,Oh Sunju,Joongho Ahn

Ontology Module Metrics   (Citations: 4)
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In response to an increased need, various methods for ontology modularization have been proposed. However, few studies have focused on evaluative methods for ontology modules. In this study, we devise novel metrics to measure ontology modularity. To evaluate the ontology modules, we introduce cohesion and coupling based on the theory of software metrics. A cohesion metric and two coupling metrics were used to measure cohesion and coupling for ontology modules. These metrics were also designed to check consistency between the ontology modules and the original ontology. The new metrics support a more detailed relationship between classes in ontology modules. We validate the proposed metrics using the well known verification framework and the empirical experiments to complement previous investigations. This study offers ontology engineers valuable criteria with which to evaluate ontology modules and helps ontology users select the qualifying ontology modules.
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