A Quality Model for Open Source Software Selection

A Quality Model for Open Source Software Selection,10.1109/ALPIT.2007.81,Won Jun Sung,Ji Hyeok Kim,Sung Yul Rhew

A Quality Model for Open Source Software Selection   (Citations: 2)
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Although the need for developing software using Open Source Software(OSS) has been increasing, there is no measurement to select a suitable and qualified OSS which is proper property to develop.In this study, it is suggested whom wants to develop software by using OSS that a quality model to choose the best quality which is suitable characteristics of development.To conduct the proposal quality model: 1.Select 23 development companies which have experience in developing software with OSS. 2.Sample among the 23 companies which has ISO/IEC 9126 certification and additional characteristics by the order of priority3.From top-15 sub-characteristics, group, combine and classify by characteristics.Finally, we arrive at the quality model abstracted from 4 main-characteristics and 10 sub- characteristics.The quality model provides the criteria for measuring quality to select OSS and fundamental researching metrics and indicates the applicable method for practical and basic information.
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