Fast unfolding of communities in large networks

Fast unfolding of communities in large networks,10.1088/1742-5468/2008/10/P10008,Journal of Statistical Mechanics-theory and Experiment,Vincenet D. Bl

Fast unfolding of communities in large networks   (Citations: 151)
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We propose a simple method to extract the community structure of large networks. Our method is a heuristic method that is based on modularity optimization. It is shown to outperform all other known community detection method in terms of computation time. Moreover, the quality of the communities detected is very good, as measured by the so-called modularity. This is shown first by identifying language communities in a Belgian mobile phone network of 2.6 million customers and by analyzing a web graph of 118 million nodes and more than one billion links. The accuracy of our algorithm is also verified on ad-hoc modular networks. .
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