Fuzzy Control for Active Perceptual Docking

Fuzzy Control for Active Perceptual Docking,10.1109/FUZZ.2001.1008954,Nick Barnes,Zhi-qiang Liu

Fuzzy Control for Active Perceptual Docking   (Citations: 7)
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Demonstrates fuzzy control of heading direction for a mobile robot. The robot is engaged in a docking maneuver guided by an active perceptual behaviour. In order to dock, the robot must control its heading direction to move directly towards a target object. Previously, we have developed a technique in which the robot fixates on the desired target, and corrects its heading direction based on information derived from optical flow data from a log-polar camera. However, the optical flow data derived is noisy. Thus, when robot direction control is based directly on the optical flow data the resulting path is erratic. A smooth path is more direct and so faster, leads to less strain on motors, and simplifies fixation. Further, constant change in direction can result in wheel-slippage, leading to errors in odometry. The results show a significant smoothing of the robot path in simulation
Conference: IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems , pp. 1531-1534, 2001
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