A Tourism Recommender Agent: from theory to practice

A Tourism Recommender Agent: from theory to practice,10.4114/ia.v12i40.978,Ibm Journal of Research and Development,Ana Casali,Lluis Godo,Carles Sierra

A Tourism Recommender Agent: from theory to practice   (Citations: 4)
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In this paper a multiagent Tourism Recommender System is presented. This system has a multiagent architec- ture and one of its main agents, The Travel Assistant Agent (T-Agent), is modelled as a graded BDI agent. The graded BDI agent model allows to specify an agent's architecture able to deal with the environment uncertainty and with graded mental attitudes. We focus on the implementational aspects of the multiagent system and espe- cially on the T-Agent development, going from the theorical agent model to the concrete agent implementation.
Journal: Ibm Journal of Research and Development - IBMRD , vol. 12, no. 40, pp. 23-38, 2008
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    • enriching the user’s mental model of such computer systems in a natural way [1, 2, 6]. Agent technology becomes invaluable by appreciating the facts that we expect these systems to take personal preferences into account, and to infer and intelligently aggregate opinions and relationships from heterogeneous sources and data [8]...

    Punam Bediet al. Interest-Based Repair of Conflicting Requirements Using Argumentation

    • ...The implementation details system have been described in [5,8] and experimentation and validation of the system is reported in [7]...
    • ...of a Tourism Recommender system that has been developed (see [8,5] for more details)...
    • ...Next, we briefly describe how the contexts have been implemented in order to obtain the desired behaviour of the T-agent (for a detailed description see [8])...

    Ana Casaliet al. g-BDI: A Graded Intensional Agent Model for Practical Reasoning

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