Extended RT-Component Framework for RT-Middleware

Extended RT-Component Framework for RT-Middleware,10.1109/ISORC.2009.40,Hiroyuki Chishiro,Yuji Fujita,Akira Takeda,Yuta Kojima,Kenji Funaoka,Shinpei K

Extended RT-Component Framework for RT-Middleware  
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Modular component-based robot systems require not only an infrastructure for component management, but also scalability as well as real-time properties. Robot Technology (RT)-Middleware is a software platform for such component-based robot systems. Each component in the RT-Middleware, so-called "RT-Component" supporting particular robot functions, is based on Common Object Re- quest Broker Architecture (CORBA). Unfortunately, the RT- Middleware lacks the mechanism for real-time control. In this paper, we extend the framework of the RT-Components to take care of timing constraints. We first enable tasks to have different periods within each RT-Component. We then modify the packet format of the General Inter-ORB Protocol (GIOP) to transfer the information of timing con- straints over RT-Components. The performance evalua- tion on ART-Linux shows that the extended RT-Component framework improves the schedulability of distributed real- time tasks, without causing critical overheads in unmar- shaling the modified GIOP packets.
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