Public-Key Encryption Schemes with Auxiliary Inputs

Public-Key Encryption Schemes with Auxiliary Inputs,10.1007/978-3-642-11799-2_22,Yevgeniy Dodis,Shafi Goldwasser,Yael Tauman Kalai,Chris Peikert,Vinod

Public-Key Encryption Schemes with Auxiliary Inputs   (Citations: 19)
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We construct public-key cryptosystems that remain secure even when the adversary is given any computationally uninvertible function of the secret key as auxiliary input (even one that may reveal the secret key information- theoretically). Our schemes are based on the decisional Diffie-Hellman (DDH) and the Learning with Errors (LWE) problems. As an independent technical contribution, we extend the Goldreich-Levin theo- rem to provide a hard-core (pseudorandom) value over large fields.
Conference: Theory of Cryptography , pp. 361-381, 2010
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    • ...In the setting of publickey encryption a more general model of leakage was formalized by only assuming that the decryption key cannot be efficiently recovered given the leakage (see [15,12,20,8] and the references therein)...

    Elette Boyleet al. Fully Leakage-Resilient Signatures

    • ...In the passive one, the adversary ca ng et some partial information (“leakage”) about the internal data stored on a cryptographic machine M. This line of research, motivated by various side-channel attacks [24] was initiated in the seminal papers of Ishai et al. [28] and Micali and Reyzin [32], and followed by many recent works [22,1,35,29,33,12,37,13,14,25,8,7]...

    Stefan Dziembowskiet al. One-Time Computable Self-erasing Functions

    • ... obtain arbitrary bounded leakage on the entire state (including the witness and the random coins) of the prover during the entire protocol execution .W e note that while there has been an extensive amount of research work on leakage-resilient cryptography in the past few years, to the best of our knowledge, almost all prior work has either been on leakage resilient primitives such as encryption and signature schemes [24,2,59,21,4,56,44, ...

    Sanjam Garget al. Leakage-resilient zero knowledge

    • ...Dodis et al. [7,6] consider the case where the range of f (·) is not necessarily bounded, but instead one only requires that it is (exponentially) hard to recover sk from f (sk )...

    Sebastian Faustet al. Leakage-Resilient Signatures

    • ...Based Hash Proof System (IB-HPS), which generalizes the notion of hash proof systems of Cramer and Shoup [CS02] to the identity-based setting...

    Joël Alwenet al. Public-Key Encryption in the Bounded-Retrieval Model

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