Idea: Towards Architecture-Centric Security Analysis of Software

Idea: Towards Architecture-Centric Security Analysis of Software,10.1007/978-3-642-11747-3_6,Karsten Sohr,Bernhard Berger

Idea: Towards Architecture-Centric Security Analysis of Software   (Citations: 2)
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Static security analysis of software has made great progress over the last years. In particular, this applies to the detection of low- level security bugs such as buer overows, Cross-Site Scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Complementarily to commercial static code re- view tools, we present an approach to the static security analysis which is based upon the software architecture using a reverse engineering tool suite called Bauhaus. This allows one to analyze software on a more ab- stract level, and a more focused analysis is possible, concentrating on software modules regarded as security-critical. In addition, certain secu- rity aws can be detected at the architectural level such as the circum- vention of APIs or incomplete enforcement of access control. We discuss our approach in the context of a business application and Android's Java-based middleware.
Published in 2010.
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