Retrieving Customary Web Language to Assist Writers

Retrieving Customary Web Language to Assist Writers,10.1007/978-3-642-12275-0_64,Benno Stein,Martin Potthast,Martin Trenkmann

Retrieving Customary Web Language to Assist Writers   (Citations: 2)
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This paper introduces NETSPEAK, a Web service which assists writers in finding adequate expressions. To provide statistically r elevant suggestions, the service indexes more than 1.8 billion n-grams, n � 5, along with their occurrence frequencies on the Web. If in doubt about a wording, a user can specify a query that has wildcards inserted at those positions where she feels uncertain. Queries define patterns for which a ranked list of matching n-grams along with usage examples are retrieved. The ranking reflects the occur rence frequencies of the n-grams and informs about both absolute and relative usage. Given this choice of customary wordings, one can easily select the most appropriate. Especially second-language speakers can learn about style conventions and language usage. To guarantee response times within milliseconds we have developed an index that considers occurrence probabilities, allowing for a bi ased sampling during retrieval. Our analysis shows that the extreme speedup obtained with this strategy (factor 68) comes without significant loss in retrieval qual ity.
Conference: European Colloquium on IR Research - ECIR , pp. 631-635, 2010
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