Effect of selection for growth traits on age and weight at puberty in bovine females

Effect of selection for growth traits on age and weight at puberty in bovine females,M. W. Wolfe,T. T. Stumpf,P. L. Wolfe,M. L. Day,R. M. Koch,J. E. K

Effect of selection for growth traits on age and weight at puberty in bovine females   (Citations: 8)
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ABSTRACT This 2-yr study, using 584 beef heifers born in the spring of 1984 or 1985, was conducted,to determine,whether,selection for growth,traits affected age and weight at puberty. Heifers were from three Hereford lines selected for weaning weight, final weight, and final weight plus muscling score, a conaol line and a line of Angus cattle. In addition, heifers from reciprocal crosses among the selection lines, control and Angus groups were evaluated. Intact bulls and androgenized,heifers fitted with marking,harnesses were used to aid iof estrus for heifers born in 1984 and 1985, respectively. The time of puberty was identified by the first behavioral estrus. During both years, heifers were weighed,at 56-d intervals; these weights were used to calculate weight at puberty. Mean age at puberty was determined,using survival analysis; percentages of heifers that were pubertal by the end of the study were transformed to logits for analysis. Heifers born in 1985 were heavier (P < .05) at puberty,than those born in 1984. Heifers in lines selected for growth traits were younger at puberty (P < .05; 20 d) than were heifers in the control line because of combined direct and maternal genetic effects. Heifers from the final weight, control (P < .05) and weaning,weight lines (P < .lo) weighed,less at puberty than Angus heifers; selection line x Angus crossbred heifers were heavier at puberty (P < .OS) than their respective pureline or purebred,contemporaries,due to heterotic effects. Selection for weaning weight, final weight or final weight plus muscling score did not have a demmentaJ,effect on,age,at puberty,in heifers. (Key Words: Heifers, Selection, Growth, Puberty.)
Published in 2010.
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    • ...This relationship was consistent with the published results of three experiments where a selection to increase the heifers’ growth rate until yearling or 18 months did not have an apparent adverse effect on their age at puberty [2,15,23]...
    • ...The favourable correlation between growth rate and ovarian activity at puberty is consistent with the results from some selection experiments [2,15,23] where selection to improve heifer growth rate did not have any adverse effect on age at puberty...

    Marie-Madeleine Mialonet al. Genetic relationship between cyclic ovarian activity in heifers and co...

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