HLS: A Framework for Composing Soft Real-Time Schedulers

HLS: A Framework for Composing Soft Real-Time Schedulers,10.1109/REAL.2001.990591,John Regehr,John A. Stankovic

HLS: A Framework for Composing Soft Real-Time Schedulers   (Citations: 95)
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Hierarchical CPU scheduling has emerged as a way to (1) support applications with diverse scheduling require- ments in open systems, and (2) provide load isolation be- tween applications, users, and other resource principals. Most existing work on hierarchical scheduling has focused on systems that provide a fixed scheduling model: the sched- ulers in part or all of the hierarchy are specified in advance. In this paper we describe a system of guarantees that per- mits a general hierarchy of soft real-time schedulers—one that contains arbitrary scheduling algorithms at all points within the hierarchy—to be analyzed. This analysis re- sults in deterministic guarantees for threads at the leaves of the hierarchy. We also describe the design, implementa- tion, and performance evaluation of a system for supporting such a hierarchy in the Windows 2000 kernel. Finally, we show that complex scheduling behaviors can be created us- ing small schedulers as components and describe the HLS programming environment.
Conference: IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium - RTSS , pp. 3-14, 2001
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