Analysis and Design of Model-Based User Interfaces

Analysis and Design of Model-Based User Interfaces,10.1007/1-4020-3304-4_17,Pedro J. Molina,Hallvard Trætteberg

Analysis and Design of Model-Based User Interfaces   (Citations: 5)
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This paper proposes a method for user interface development where a model for analysis (Just-UI) and a model for design (DiaMODL) are conveniently combined into an integrated method. Just-UI currently supports automatically refining analysis models, through conceptual patterns to concrete user interface designs. Integrating a dialog modelling language (DiaMODL) into the method, will let the designers take part in the refinement process, hence gaining control and allowing a greater variety of designs. The method encourages the use of code generation for rapid prototyping of the UI. The ultimate objective is to provide a suitable software engineering and user interface design method with coverage to cross through requirements to final implementation of core application code and user interface.
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