A bridging model for parallel computation

A bridging model for parallel computation,10.1145/79173.79181,Communications of The ACM,Leslie G. Valiant

A bridging model for parallel computation   (Citations: 1452)
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The success of the von Neumann model of sequential computation is attributable to the fact that it is an efficient bridge between software and hardware: high-level languages can be efficiently compiled on to this model; yet it can be effeciently implemented in hardware. The author argues that an analogous bridge between software and hardware in required for parallel computation if that is to become as widely used. This article introduces the bulk-synchronous parallel (BSP) model as a candidate for this role, and gives results quantifying its efficiency both in implementing high-level language features and algorithms, as well as in being implemented in hardware
Journal: Communications of The ACM - CACM , vol. 33, no. 8, pp. 103-111, 1990
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