Managing Dynamic User Communities in a Grid of Autonomous Resources

Managing Dynamic User Communities in a Grid of Autonomous Resources,Computing Research Repository,Roberto Alfieri,Roberto Cecchini,Vincenzo Ciaschini,

Managing Dynamic User Communities in a Grid of Autonomous Resources   (Citations: 28)
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Roberto Alfieri, Roberto Cecchini, Vincenzo Ciaschini, Luca Dell'agnello, Alberto Gianoli, Fabio Spataro, Franck Bonnassieux, Philippa J. Broadfoot, Gavin Lowe, Linda Cornwall, Jens Jensen, David P. Kelsey
One of the fundamental concepts in Grid computing is the creation of Virtual Organizations (VO's): a set of resource consumers and providers that join forces to solve a common problem. Typical examples of Virtual Organizations include collaborations formed around the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. To date, Grid computing has been applied on a relatively small scale, linking dozens of users to a dozen resources, and management of these VO's was a largely manual operation. With the advance of large collaboration, linking more than 10000 users with a 1000 sites in 150 counties, a comprehensive, automated management system is required. It should be simple enough not to deter users, while at the same time ensuring local site autonomy. The VO Management Service (VOMS), developed by the EU DataGrid and DataTAG projects[1, 2], is a secured system for managing authorization for users and resources in virtual organizations. It extends the existing Grid Security Infrastructure[3] architecture with embedded VO affiliation assertions that can be independently verified by all VO members and resource providers. Within the EU DataGrid project, Grid services for job submission, file- and database access are being equipped with fine- grained authorization systems that take VO membership into account. These also give resource owners the ability to ensure site security and enforce local access policies. This paper will describe the EU DataGrid security architecture, the VO membership service and the local site enforcement mechanisms Local Centre Authorization Service (LCAS), Local Credential Mapping Service(LCMAPS) and the Java Trust and Authorization Manager.
Journal: Computing Research Repository - CORR , vol. cs.DC/0306, 2003
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