The Ariadne Approach to Web-Based Information Integration

The Ariadne Approach to Web-Based Information Integration,International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems,Craig A. Knoblock,Steven Minton,Jos

The Ariadne Approach to Web-Based Information Integration   (Citations: 142)
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Journal: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems - IJCIS , vol. 10, no. 1-2, pp. 145-169, 2001
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    • ...They focus on data integration rather on scheduling [3, 25, 9]. There are other proposals of tourism ontologies, like for example Harmonise.1 The goal of Harmonise is that participating tourism organisations keep their proprietary data format while cooperating with each other...

    Luis A. Castilloet al. samap: An user-oriented adaptive system for planning tourist visits

    • ...Here it is reasonable to point out the following basic directions: 1. various recommender systems (e.g., [1], [5], [14], [28], [44], [48], [61]); 2. electronic services for business in electronic environments (e.g., [3], [7], [12], [34], [40], [43], [52], [56], [59], [62], [63]); 3. issues of distributed information retrieval and integration (e.g., [27], [41], [50], [57]); 4. multistage information retrieval (e.g., [26], [46], [65]); 5. ...

    M. Sh. Levinet al. Morphological approach to electronic shopping

    • ...We have considered three ways in which this can be dealt with: (1) ignore the changing attribute, (2) define a heuristic to choose a ‗default‘ value or (3) consider the entities to be different for different values of the attribute...

    Sofus A. Macskassyet al. Data Mining in the Context of Entity Resolution

    • ...The middleware decides which data source to be used, as well as how to extract effectively information from the sources. SIMS works this way [7]...

    Hai-tao Liet al. Research and Development of Component-Based Marine Data Integration Mi...

    • ...4. Influential Information Integration systems include TSIMMIS (Garcia-Molina, Hammer, Ireland, Papakonstantinou, Ullman, & Widom, 1995), SIMS (Arens, Knoblock, & Shen, 1996), InfoMaster (Duschka, 1997), and Ariadne (Knoblock, Minton, Ambite, Ashish, Muslea, Philpot, & Tejada, 2001)...

    Mark James Carmanet al. Learning Semantic Definitions of Online Information Sources

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