NCSTRL: Design and deployment of a globally distributed digital library

NCSTRL: Design and deployment of a globally distributed digital library,10.1002/(SICI)1097-4571(2000)51:3<273::AID-ASI6>3.0.CO;2-6,Journal of The Amer

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abstract words, optionally joined by Boolean operators The UI service sends a search request to a set of index servers (actual routing depends on characteristics of the query) Each index server returns a list of handles for documents matching the query, then the UI server formats and presents them to the user as a hypertext list of links The IEEE Computer user can then select a document, and a request is then sent to the appropriate repository to transmit a dissemination of the document for presentation by the user interface The Dienst architecture includes a collection service, which provides information on the services and content that are part of the NCSTRL collection In Dienst we adopt the definition that content is in a digital library's collection if it can be directly discovered using the resource discovery tools (index services) defined by the library The collection service implements this concept by providing the following information via protocol requests: The list of organizations that are part of the collection the network location(s) of index servers that store indexing information for each organization, and meta - information about each of the index servers that aids in routing queries In operation, each user interface server periodically queries the collection service, and uses the information returned to route queries to appropriate index servers Figure 2 illustrates this interaction The growth of NCSTRL outside the United States raised reliability and performance problems due to connectivity characteristics of the global Internet To obtain good performance, we defined a set of connectivity regions2 , which are sets of servers (network nodes) with relatively good mutual network connectivity Indexing information from servers outside the region is replicated onto servers within the region Regional query routing is implemented by collection views , collection metadata customized for a specific regions, and regional collection servers, which distribute a collection view for their respective region Each user interface service is then assigned, at configuration time, to a regional collection server so that its queries are routed within the connectivity region The collection service also provides a mechanism for managing membership in the NCSTRL collection The process of joining NCSTRL is as follows A site applies by filling out a form at the NCSTRL home site An applicant site must provide an administrative contact, state its policy on copyright, and agree to maintain their collection in a reasonable manner This form goes to the NCSTRL gatekeeper, who verifies that the institution conforms to our membership policy, and then assigns them a handle naming authority Meanwhile, the site downloads and installs the NCSTRL software, and creates (to appear) Feb, 1999
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