A survey of approaches to automatic schema matching

A survey of approaches to automatic schema matching,10.1007/s007780100057,The Vldb Journal,Erhard Rahm,Philip A. Bernstein

A survey of approaches to automatic schema matching   (Citations: 1591)
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Schema matching is a basic problem in many database application domains, such as data integration, E- business, data warehousing, and semanticquery proc essing. In current implementations, schema matching is typically per- formed manually, which has significant limitations. On the other hand, previous research papers have proposed many techniques to achieve a partial automation of the match op- eration for specific application domains. We present a taxon- omy that covers many of these existing approaches, and we describe the approaches in some detail. In particular, we distin- guish between schema-level and instance-level, element-level and structure-level, and language-based and constraint-based matchers. Based on our classification we review some pre- vious match implementations thereby indicating which part of the solution space they cover. We intend our taxonomy and review of past work to be useful when comparing different ap- proaches to schema matching, when developing a new match algorithm, and when implementing a schema matching com- ponent.
Journal: The Vldb Journal - VLDB , vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 334-350, 2001
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