Distributed ray tracing

Distributed ray tracing,10.1145/964965.808590,ACM Siggraph Computer Graphics,Robert L. Cook,Thomas K. Porter,Loren Carpenter

Distributed ray tracing   (Citations: 530)
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Ray tracing is one of the most elegant techniques in com- puter graphics. Many phenomena that are difficult or impossible with other techniques are simple with ray trac- ing, including shadows, reflections, and refracted light. Ray directions, however, have been determined precisely, and this has limited the capabilities of ray tracing. By distributing the directions of the rays according to the analytic function they sample, ray tracing can incorporate fuzzy phenomena. This provides correct and easy solu- tions to some previously unsolved or partially solved prob- lems, including motion blur, depth of field, penumbras, translucency, and fuzzy reflections. Motion blur and depth of field calculations can be integrated with the visi- ble surface calculations, avoiding the problems found in previous methods.
Journal: ACM Siggraph Computer Graphics , vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 137-145, 1984
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