Computers are social actors

Computers are social actors,10.1145/259963.260288,Clifford Nass,Jonathan Steuer,Ellen R. Tauber

Computers are social actors   (Citations: 260)
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This paper presents a new experimental paradigm for the study of human-computer interaction, Five experiments provide evidence that individuals' interactions with computers are fundamentally social. The studies show that social responses to computers are not the result of conscious beliefs that computers are human or human-like. Moreover, such behaviors do not result from users' ignorance or from psychological or social dysfunctions, nor from a belief that subjects are interacting with programmers. Rather, social responses to computers are commonplace and easy to generate. The results reported here present numerous and unprecedented hypotheses, unexpected implications for design, new approaches to usability testing, and direct methods for verii3cation.
Conference: Computer Human Interaction - CHI , pp. 204-78, 1994
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